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The Expendables

heir music is a diverse mix of styles,[2]including reggaeskasurf rock, and punk rock.[3][4] Members include Geoff Weers (guitars and vocals), Adam Patterson (drums and vocals), Raul Bianchi (lead guitar) and Ryan DeMars (bass).[5] The band was formed in 1997. In 2003 they had their own radio show, Locals Only, on radio station KMBY.[6] In 2005, they contributed to a compilation album that was a fundraising effort for the USA junior surfing team.[7] The 2005 film XXX Rated: A Year in the Life of a Santa Cruz Phenomenon follows the band during some of their touring.[8]

Some notable hits include "Bowl for Two" and "Sacrifice"[9] from the album Gettin' Filthy, the latter being available as a playable song in the music video game Guitar Hero World Tour (also as Guitar Hero 4), and "Down, Down, Down" from the self-titled album The Expendables, and the album Gettin Filthy. The Expendables have toured with such acts as 311PepperSlightly StoopidKottonmouth KingsLess Than Jake, and G. Love & Special Sauce, and are signed to the record label Stoopid Records,[9] which is owned by Slightly Stoopid. They have funded their own headlining tours across the country as well. The Expendables have released six albums in their career. In 2009 they toured with 311. They also headlined the Ladera Skateboards Winter Blackout 2012 Tour along with Fortunate Youth, MTHDS & The Roots.


In 2012, the band released their first acoustic album that included acoustic versions of older songs. The acoustic album is titled "Gone Soft", and was released on May 15, 2012. On April 21, 2012, The Expendables released a new single, "Back Home Again" for Record Store Day, recorded during the Gone Soft sessions. In early 2013, they also began playing another new song live, titled "Black Heart".

Raul Bianchi explained in an interview with Monday Magazine about the possibilities of a split album with themselves:

"One of the things we’ve thought about doing is a split with ourselves, where we do two EPs in one: one all metal and one all reggae. And one of the ideas we approached was doing newer versions of some songs. Like maybe doing heavier versions of some of our reggae songs and doing reggae versions of some more rock or metal songs. We don’t really have time for it right now, but it’s something that we’re definitely considering."

On January 13, 2015 the bands sixth studio album "Sand in the Sky" was available for purchase. They have released two singles titles "Starry Night" and "Music Move Me".

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